About Library

Library as a learning resource

The library is automated with SOUL (Software for University Libraries) (version 2.0), which allows users to easily perform transactions and borrow books using bar-coded cards. The library is equipped with 15 computers, printers and photocopiers with Internet access. Users can browse the collection online. OPAC (online Public Access Electronic Catalog) is the library's catalog that users can access from their computer terminals. The main objective of OPAC is to create a database of library items that can provide an online catalog to help users find and track resources. Users can search for materials, check availability, reserve books, and even issue and return materials. Electronic catalogs have always been at the forefront of service technology. E-resources can be accessed through Wi-Fi in the campus. Articles can be downloaded from electronic journals using the digital library facility.

The library covers an area of 400.30sqm and can accommodate 350-430 people. The library is staffed by qualified librarians, assistants and support staff. The library is open from 8AM to 8 PM on all working days. The library has 36283 volumes, including 29000 text books, 7283 reference books and 102 scientific and technical journals. It also subscribes to 102 periodicals and 61375 e-journals. A separate reference section contains manuals and books. The institute is a member of DELNET and Inter library loan is also available through DELNET. The library uses an open system and encourages users to explore the shelving areas freely.

The library software SOUL 2.0 has six modules.

Circulation: This module facilitates enrolments, transactions, late fees, and notifications. It also includes maintenance tasks such as binding, lost, replaced, disappeared, and removed.

Administration: The Administration module contains various settings such as the ability to group users by policy,

Digital Library: The institution has a digital library with 15 computers in the central library. There is a significant collection of e-journals such as IEEE, ELSEVIER, DELNET, J-GATE and N-List, NDL, E-Shodhsindhu, e-books. The e-library has NPTEL videos, e-books, Competitive Examination books, old question papers of university examinations.