Courses Offered
Courses Offered
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Department of Applied Sciences and humanities has been playing a vital role in the field of Engineering Education since its inception in the year 1999. The Department offers Applied Sciences and Humanities Courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the University in the first year of Engineering Programme. The Department includes Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and English.
Our Department is backed by well-educated, talented and dedicated faculty members to prepare the students according to the needs of the industry. The subjects taught by the teachers of this department are of prime importance for all round growth and development of Engineering Students. A well experienced Associate Professoressor of Mathematics and who has been working since the inception of the Department. Our Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities is one of the indispensable departments of Avanti Institute of Engg & Technolog that serves as the bed rock on which the institute is firmly structured. The Department imparts excellent quality education in the areas of Applied Sciences and Humanities for technical and Professoressional upliftment of all engineering streams. The Department has well equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry and specially a digital Language Laboratory. The department has its own monitoring system namely "Incharge Teacher" scheme which looks after the attendance, academic performance and other extracurricular activities of I B.Tech students regularly and the reports are sent to the parents from time to time. We also have our own Department Library having more than 570 volumes of Text Books, Reference Books to meet the requirements of faculty and students.

Vision & Mission

Confect as a premier institute for Professoressional education by creating technocrats who can address the society`s needs through inventions and innovations.
Partake in the national growth of technological, industrial arena with societal responsibilities.
Provide an environment that promotes productive research.
Meet stakeholders expectations through continued and sustained quality improvements.

Faculty Professorile

Sl No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mohammad Abdul Rahamatulla Professor PHD
2 Dr.S.V.J.Swamy Professor PHD
3 Dr.G.Pavan Kumar Professor PHD
4 Dr.K.V.V.Satyanarayana Professor PHD
5 Dr.N.Aruna Professor PHD
6 S Sankarudu Professor M.Sc
7 K.Satyanarayana Assoc. Prof M.SC(MATHS)
8 G.Syam Kumar Assoc. Prof M.Sc(MATHS)
9 V.S.Rama Prasad Assoc. Prof M.Tech.,(CSE)
10 G Suryanarayan Asst. Prof M.A.(Eng.,)
11 M.Santhosh Kumar Asst. Prof M.Sc(MATHS)
12 K.Kalyani Asst. Prof M.Sc (CHEMISTRY)
13 K.Prasanthi Asst. Prof M.Sc
14 M.Rupa Sundar Rao Asst. Prof MBA
15 K.Bhaskara Rao Asst. Prof M.Sc(MATHS)
16 S.Satya Sri Asst. Prof M.Sc(PHYSICS)
17 Y.Someswara Rao Asst. Prof M.Sc(MATHS)
18 N V S Kumari Asst. Prof M.Sc
19 P.Sombabu Asst. Prof M.Sc(CHEMISTRY)
20 J.Konda Babu Asst. Prof M.A.,
21 D.Venkata Rao Asst. Prof M.A.,
22 K.Somunaidu Asst. Prof MBA
23 K.V.Sunitha Asst. Prof M.A., B.Ed
24 K.Sravan Kumar Asst. Prof M.Sc
25 V.Sanyasi Naidu Asst. Prof M.Sc
26 B.Laxman Kumar Asst. Prof M.Sc
27 G.Jagadeesh Asst. Prof M.Sc
28 Y Pavani Asst. Prof M.Sc
29 P Appala Raju Asst. Prof M.Sc
30 M.Veera Kishore Asst. Prof M.Tech
31 A Parayya Asst. Prof MA lit
32 T Renuka Asst. Prof M.Sc
33 B.Durga Prasad Asst. Prof M.Tech
34 K.Narendra Asst. Prof M.Sc
35 S.Eswara Rao Asst. Prof M.Sc
36 M.Lakshmi Kantha Asst. Prof M.Sc(ENV)
37 P.Gurunadh PD MPED
38 K.Siva PD MPED
39 CH.Peddi Naidu Librarian M.Li.Sc, MBA
40 T.Ganesh Kumar Librarian M.Li.Sc